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I am a writer of novels, plays and film scripts. I live in Manchester England with my partner Andy and our teenage son Jack. Andy and I started my Newsletter Raw Meat and began publishing with Rawprintz in 1999 to showcase my work. Some of you may be confused by my continual references to Ziggy, that’s my wheelchair! Both Andy and I are writers. I’ve recently lost my sight – hence the continual reference to my being confused! Thanks for visiting.

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Writer's Island Fisherman

For a change… my effort at a bit of poetry for the Writer's Island prompt of “Fisherman”.


Still as a stone he sits

Enclosed by the warm nights silence

Fishing, for what?

Maybe for words

For inspiration

A lost cause, maybe

His mind completely passive and open

Ready to receive, ready to write

Still he fishes

Waiting for inspiration to come.

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  1. Interesting angle to fishing you gave there... Nice one!


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